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The best Gay saunas in Miami

With stunning Miami gay beaches, unbeatable glamor, and some of the most handsome locals anywhere on the planet, the Magic City is truly a fabulous place to be gay!

One of the best parts of Miami’s vibrant LGBTQ culture is the sauna and bathhouse scene in the city. Think about it; scorching rooms filled with nothing but steam and guys having a good time.

The idea alone is enough to get you all hot and bothered!

As you might expect from such a gay city, there are a wide variety of saunas in both Miami and the surrounding areas for gay guys to select from.

Whether you want a relaxing spot with a strong sense of community or somewhere to indulge in pure luxury, our collection of the best gay saunas in Miami will tend to your every need. 

Men’s Sauna at Gaythering (Miami beach)

As one of the top gay hotels in Miami, we weren’t shocked to learn that Gaythering is also home to what might just be the best gay sauna in town. Complimentary for guests, visitors can pay a small fee to enjoy the clothing-optional space that includes a dry cedar sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi with massage jets and showers with aromatherapy body wash.

We had so much fun here, meeting plenty of new friends and getting to know Miami on a personal level, if you know what I mean…! The clientele tends to be young and oh so handsome, with the bodies here tanned, ripped and perfectly groomed.

  • Location: 1409 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States
  • Amenities: Sauna, steam, jacuzzi, showers and lockers
  • Price: Day pass $20, Monthly pass $60
  • Open: Daily from 11 am to Midnight, Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 2 am

Club Aqua Miami – Coral Gables

Club Aqua is squeaky-clean and perfectly maintained, so you’re bound to feel like a VIP here.

The clientele is primarily local and visiting beefcakes looking for some fun in between pumping up their bulging biceps at the on-site gym.

Miami is home to a range of saunas but there aren’t many like Club Aqua. This is the kind of place where we could spend an entire day working out, swimming and having fun meeting other gay boys in the sauna. 

There is a members’ club vibe here but it’s certainly not cliquey, with the other guests only too happy to get to know new guests! 

  • Location: 2991 Coral Way, Miami, FL 33145, United States
  • Amenities: Full gym, steam, whirlpool, sauna, outdoor heated pool, vending area, sundeck, changing and maze/video area
  • Price: Weekdays $11, Weekends $14
  • Open: 24/7

Top Gay Blogs to inspire your life!

As the global pandemic has forced many of us to stay home, the online world has grown massively.

Now more than ever we turn to our fellow LGBTQ online family for inspiration, advice, and tips from everything from fitness, fashion, family planning, relationships, and even money-saving tips.

Travel too – let’s not forget that one!

Whilst our ability to travel has been severely hampered, it’s only a matter of time before we can safely travel the world again.

Our wanderlust remains as strong as it has ever been, with or without a global pandemic – so a special big up to our fellow gay travel bloggers out there!

In this article, we’ve put together some of our favorite gay blogs we love following.

To be clear, we’re only focusing on ‘first-person voice’ website based blogs that specifically feature a particular personality, writing about LGBTQ issues, and are updated frequently.

This list is by no means comprehensive and we’ve probably left out heaps…if you think we have, let us know in the comments below and we’ll take it into account when we come to update this article next year!

1. My Fabulous Disease – HIV blog

Mark S. King is an award-winning blogger, author, speaker, and HIV/AIDS activist who has lived with HIV since 1985.

Mark’s posts about his life are frank and open, dealing with the hard realities of gay life that LGBTQ people still face, from homophobic slurs to HIV-positive stigma within the gay community.

We enjoy reading Mark’s takes on current events, often snarky but always well written and honest. Aside from his blog, My Fabulous Disease, he was also awarded the 2020 Journalist of the Year award by NLGJA (the National Lesbian and Gay Journalist Association) and often speaks in public about HIV issues.

Along with his opinions and openness about being HIV-positive, Mark speaks openly about his struggles with drug addiction too.

We don’t want to just say his honesty is inspiring because it’s more than that. His writing and videos help plenty of other people so for that, we applaud him.

2. My Son Wears Heels – Transgender family blog

Julie Tarney is an author, speaker, consultant, trainer, and mother of a non-binary child. Her book “My Son Wears Heels” details how she had to learn and adapt to raising a child when her son told her at age two “Inside my head, I’m a girl”. The way Julie reacted to this, continually looking to learn how she could support her child before terms like transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary were really used, is pretty extraordinary.

Today Julie travels around the US and helps businesses to create more welcoming, supporting, and trans-inclusive workplaces.

She also writes a fantastic blog with all sorts of helpful advice for other parents of LGBTQ children, like things your LGBTQ child needs you to know, as well as practical advice for how to be a year-round LGBTQ ally.

3. Nomadic Boys – Gay travel blog

When we began our Nomadic Boys gay travel blog back in 2013, there were very few good online LGBTQ resources, especially covering Asia.

What began as an online weblog diary of our trip as a gay couple around Asia has since morphed into one of the most recognizable online gay travel resources.

C & A – Full Irish Movie

Director: Phlat Phon Mingpornpichit
Actors: Asada Panichakul, Natasakdathorn, Sinchai Plengpanich, Ari that Phiphat Tangkul

This movie is considered to be very successful Because it was invited to screen in 7 countries, whether it is a film festival in Netherlands Amsterdam, both CinemAsia Film Festival 10th edition and Roze Filmdagen; the 20th Amsterdam LGBTQ Film Festival or in Austria, Vienna in Transition Queer Minorities Film Festival 2016, etc.

Tagalog words for the movie Fathers

“LOVE” starts with two people, but “FAMILY” is more than just the two
“Love” starts with two people. But not for “family”

Synopsis: The movie tells about the family. One family It is made up of the love of two men, Dust (Asada Phanichakul) and Yuk (Natsakdadorn), who are married and are waiting for The Life Partner Act passed In order to be registered legally And Dust has legally adopted a child (Arithat Phiphat Tangkul), an orphan from the orphanage. 

The three of them have been living their families with happiness all along. 

Until the time comes, one important day is “Mother’s Day” where children in the school have to invite their mothers to the school event. 

That is where the problem begins. That made the child question that “Why doesn’t my child have a mother? And why does the child have two fathers? 

Those who come to have a role in solving the family problems of dust and yuk.

Fortune Feimster Marries Jacquelyn Smith In Intimate Beach Wedding

Congratulations to one of our favorite lesbian comedians, Fortune Feimster, on her marriage to Jacquelyn Smith!

The two, who announced on social media in January 2018 that they were engaged, tied the knot on Friday in Malibu, California.

It was a small ceremony at a rented house with views of the ocean. They invited guests to join over Zoom.

As usual for celebrity weddings, our friends at got the exclusive scoop!

“It was something small,” Feimster shared with People, noting that because of covid-19, the travel restrictions prevented her family coming from North Carolina and her new wife’s family couldn’t travel from Michigan. “We only had a couple of good friends there. We all had COVID tests. We purposefully kept it small for the reasons of it being during a pandemic.”

We know so many Equally Wed couples can relate to this. Also relatable to LGBTQ+ couples planning their weddings right now (and many of us queers who’ve already tied the knot) is Feimster’s concerns about how the recent U.S. Supreme Court discussions on same-sex marriage played a major role in her wanting to get married.

President Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Amy Coney Barrett, was confirmed to the court tonight, and the court will have a 6-3 conservative majority.

And earlier this month, Justice Clarence Thomas and Justice Samuel Alito said the 2015 same-sex marriage ruling Obergefell v. Hodges continues to have “ruinous consequences” for religious liberty.

Their statement worried many Americans about the right to same-sex marriage being overturned.

“I’m not going to lie, there were some nerves about the Supreme Court. After Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, all these people started talking about gay marriage again.

On the first day of their session, two of the justices brought up gay marriage. I think I had posted something on Instagram, something like, ‘Oh man, this is nerve-racking as a gay person.’ Especially because we were planning to get married.

All these people were like, ‘Go get married now,’ ” recalls Feimster, who met Smith at Pride in Chicago one day after the court declared same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states in June 2015.

“Who knows what will happen? Hopefully, marriage equality is here to stay. But we wanted to be more proactive and get married while we know we can,” she explains. “It definitely got the ball rolling for us a lot faster.

I mean, we were going to get married no matter what, but we just were like, ‘Why wait?’ We’ve been engaged for like two-and-a-half years. You just don’t know what will happen when the tide shifts so significantly with the Supreme Court.

You hope that they listen to the country. I mean, the majority of people support marriage equality.

You want that to be the voice that guides them in that decision, but you just don’t know.”

And while we’re all holding our breath hoping that marriage equality is here to stay for America, we truly hope that Fortune and Jax are as happy as Brenda and Tim